Check out our unique cropping tool!

MacJac Art offers a unique cropping tool. Try it once and you’ll love it forever. The final size of your masterpiece is entirely up to you.   This is an industry first in which you have literally hundreds of creative layouts and configurations to choose from right at your fingertips.  You  are in control and command!!  You are the editor!! You can also zoom in or out of an image to only capture that, which inspires you!  

Our online system will do the calculations and some image manipulation to show you what works best.  Should you upload and choose the 'Make Single Panel' option then you have over 30 panel configuration sizes from the get go presented in the 'choose size' dropdown box.  You also have option of producing your masterpiece on over 9 different substrates including Acrylic, Canvas, Fine Art Paper etc.  This is in the 'choose paper type' dropdown box (Recap: 30 sizes  x 9 substrates  = 270 size and product permutations in 'Make Single Panel' alone).  Should you choose 'Make Multi Panel' option then you are able to produce your masterpiece as Diptych (2 Panel), Triptych (3 Panel), Quadriptych (4 Panel), Hexaptych (6 Panel), and Nonutych (9 Panel). 

You also have (dependant on size of file) upwards of over 20 panel configuration sizes on up to 4 different substrates (Recap: 5 tychs x 20 sizes x 4 substrates = up to 400 size and product permutations in 'Make Multi Panel' option).  Making a Grand total of over 670 sizes (not including zoom in/out ability and a myriad of frame options).  At MacJac Art we are confident we have the right size to suit your masterpiece and this is unveiled before your own very eyes.