Work from Home – or Work from:

  • Pop Up Craft Shows
  • Pop Up Artisan Shows
  • Pop Up Gift Shows
  • Pop Up Seasonal Store in local Mall (Christmas, etc)
  • Pop Up Seasonal Cart in local Mall
  • Pop UP Truck
  • Home Improvement Shows
  • Better Living Shows
  • State/Provincial Fairs
  • County Fairs
  • Seasonal Location
  • Permanent Location
  • Your Own Online Art Gallery Store
  • Bolt onto your existing business

This opportunity gives you the required OWN LABEL tools to enter the Multi-Billion Dollar ‘Print on Demand’ industry that was previously only available to Printing Specialists.  Using this system YOU DO NOT have to be a Computer Geek or a Printing Mogul.  We take care of all that, the entire manufacturing process and make your OWN LABEL business look like a stroke of genius. 


  • High Net Profitability on RRP for close to zero input
  • Absolutely No Inventory
  • Zero Carry Costs
  • No Minimum order qty
  • Complete dropship service to your customer as though it were you.
  • Complete Turnkey System
  • Bolts onto Existing Business via simple redirect – should you wish
  • Your Own Label Website that matches your existing business logo and colours
  • Access to a large and growing Artist Database which acts as a library of Art
  • Sell Sandwriting
  • Sell Creative Letter Art
  • Sell Personalised Art -  Name on Boat, Theatre Sign, etc, etc
  • No Manufacturing skills to learn
  • No Skilled Employees
  • No warehousing costs
  • Never any obsolete inventory
  • Live preview function allows your customers to see exactly what they will be buying
  • Print only on Demand


  • Any hi-res digital file over 1mb, including those uploaded or handed over by your customer can be made into 1 of 2752 different price and size combinations – colour to b&w, on metal, acrylic, canvas, poster , frames etc, etc at click of a mouse!!
  • Select from Ready Made Products included in your OWN LABEL Databank.
  • Create Personalised Products at click of a mouse from technology installed in your OWN LABEL WEBSITE
  • Enjoy an incredibly high $$$ average sale per transaction.
  • No drop-ship fees to pay
  • Ability to use your own order processing module. 
  • Complete hosting services with a guaranteed 99% uptime
  • At ‘Pop Up’ exhibitions display samples only.  Take orders from displayed items or online.
  • Option  to set your own RRP upwards of our recommended thus increasing your Net Profits.
  • Host dozens of our Artists and their artwork in your database.  This  library of Ready To Print images will instantly increase your revenue.  The Artist gets a great Royalty and you receive a commission.
  • Invite your own customers/database to become contributing Artists.  You will be amazed at how many absolutely fantastic local Artists there are willing take you up on the offer.  Most all Artists sell on a regular basis, thus increasing both your and their stature, profile, ongoing links to the art community at large and your database of local/regional art which will be of interest to your local clientele. 
  • We take care of the admin of Artists.
  • High margins
  • Instant profits
  • More benefits too numerous to mention…..

If you are ready for a challenging, rewarding & fun business experience, then this just might be the opportunity you have been looking for.  Best of all it’s FREE to take a look at our system in action!!



Contact: Amanda Rose

Email:  amandarose335@gmail.com


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