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MacJac is about art - because art is about life!!

MacJac gives art lovers the opportunity to share and celebrate the inspirational work we produce. We are passionate about our subject and in our belief in the power of art to change the way we feel............and the way we create dreams.

Our unique range of Triptych* Digital Images are presented for display on our - new concept - Vinyl wrapped panels.

Type of Hooks Best Suited for Our Digital Art:

For customers in the USA available from Lowe's: For customers in Canada available from Home Depot:

As Seen On Tour

  • Our Digital Art Images, as seen on tour, are entirely "moisture resistant".   They  are also "UV" treated.

  • They can be displayed around the home but particularly in Kitchens & Powder rooms in complete safety.
  • They may be cleaned periodically using a soft cloth and water or a mild cleaning solution such as windex or a similar proprietary brand.
  • Our unique integrated hanging system allows you to use any picture pin, hook, nail or screw to display our works in your environment. (Our recommended products are above)

*A Triptych (pronounced "trip-tick" from the Greek -

tri'ptu.xo - tri- "three" + ptych“ "fold") is a work of art,

usually a panel painting which is divided into three sections.


The first triptychs were from early Christian art, which were a popular format for altar paintings from the Middle Ages onwards. Today triptych art is still defined as a work of art, usually panel paintings, digital art or photography divided into three sections.

When the triptych art form is applied to photography or fine art, there are no steadfast rules to a triptych display. One method consists of three mounted artworks in a frame, the 3 images are closely associated in subject matter and are displayed near each other. Alternatively the triptych can be a collection of three pictures featured in a singular image.

How to hang your Triptych Art”

1) Find a 'measure material' (cardboard, wood, fabric) at least 20 inches long (this does not have to be more than a couple of inches wide for ease of handling).

2) Hold this measure straight/square against the back of one of your art panels just beneath the two slots on the wooden back.

3) Using a pen or marker, place a guide mark/s on the 'measure material' exactly at the point that represents the center of the slots.

You now have a template.

4) Establish the line/area on the wall on which you want to display the art panels.

5) Hold the 'measure material' straight/square against the wall in the area that the center panel will occupy and mark appropriately.

6) Hang the center panel on your chosen display aids.

7) Make any minor adjustments by moving/gliding the image left or right on the slots.

8) Repeat the above point 5 for the images to be hung on either flank of the center panel.

9) Once all panels are displayed, you are able to make further minor adjustments ending with an ideal space of 1 inch between the two panels flanking the center panel.