(P) 3D Scan Certificate

(P) 3D Scan Certificate

Already Scanned? 

Great!!  This figure will be lovingly made in your likeness.  A Deluxe Mini You!!  We bring you the most advanced 3D colour printing available.  With 6 million colors at our disposal, our top of the line color stone, powder-based printer incorporates professional 4-channel CMYK full-colour 3D printing that will produce exceptional high-resolution models. Your full color 3D print will have a sandstone texture that is representative in construction of ceramic.


In a hurry or simply want to 'Save The Date?'

MacJac has the perfect answer - A Certificate to Commemorate the day you were Immortalized in 3D!

A simple picture of your loved one could become a thing of the past as our 3D printing service is immortalizing people like never before.

MacJac3 is introducing you a new way of capturing your precious moments and cherish your memories.  A way that has become the new Family Portrait. Quite possibly the most unusual, thoughtful and personalized keepsake, our MacJac 3D SELFIES' are the ultimate gift. Not only will they become great conversational pieces, they will also capture you and your memories in a 3D form that can be passed on for generations. A truly unique gift for your friends and family, the MacJac 3D SELFIE captures special occasions and will immortalize your memories.

Using advanced 3D Scanning and 3D Printing techniques, we make a replica of you. It's 390,000 color resolution, 0.1mm feature details makes it look like you.  And it's made of SandStone.  The first sculptures dated back to 3rd Millenium BC were made of stone. It's an art that we all admire.  MacJac preserves this art, and also enhances with technology, personalized for you.  It's a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Any special occasion or milestone will be complemented.

3D Selfies make ideal gifts for: Weddings, Pregnancies, Families, Anniversaries, Kids and even Pets!

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This selection cannot be framed.

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