View In Room - Technology

Our simple to use "View in Room" Technology allows you to view the image you have created to be displayed within one of our default room sets or you have the ability to upload a picture of your own blank wall from your home.  That's right - you can upload a picture of your own room wall!!


Simply follow these easy to use steps to get you on your way:

  1. Upload your own image, click here
  2. Select the size you are comfortable with
  3. Click FRAME IMAGE, please note that this will not frame your image but give you the option to "View in Room"
  4. Once the Framer has opened and loaded your image, click "View in Room" underneath your image
  5. A screen will pop-up asking you to "Select Room Image"
  6. Here you are able to choose one of our default room sets or you have the ability to upload your own room image
  7. Once you have clicked on a room set or uploaded your own, your Custom Image will appear in your room
  8. You are then able to move the image around by dragging it and your are able to change the Room Height
  9. Once you are satisfied with how your Custom Image looks in Room, you can simply click Close in the top right corner and once closed click the Back button on your browser to get you back to where you started.
  10. Make any final adjustments and click Add to Cart to purchase your very own Custom Image

Please note this technology currently operates on Single Panel Images only.